Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carlsbad Pond Friday

I met up with Kash and Beth over at Carlsbad Pond yesterday - and Beth's friends Amy & James had their golden Newton - for some swimming and fun in the sun!

Bud is absolutely crazy about playing in the water, and makes the most ridiculous splashes.

He's really only concerned with fetching, anytime we go to a park or the ocean -he's downright obsessed. Socializing with other canines is just not in his cards.

When we first arrived there were only the three dogs at the pond, but as people were getting off for the weekend, but of course there were many more on their way; it was such a nice day!

Woo hoo! Kash went swimming for the first time!! He's never been to the pond with Bud, and I think it may have boosted his confidence a little bit to see his big brother jump in without a care in the world!

Kash is also the first dog I have seen pop a squat in the Carlsbad pond--thought my brother would enjoy this!