Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One day soon

I know you don't get everything you really want--a big yard with plenty of smelly corners & trees, a sand pit to dig...maybe even a pool to jump in. You deserve it--you do everything you can for us, and you have no choice but to hang out on a 10 x 15 concrete slab until we come home. You don't act disappointed, you're always eager to hear our cars come around the corner...but I know what you'd prefer---room to roam, bask in the sun, dig up the flowers, and roll around in the mud. If nothing else, you give me inspiration to work harder, to provide for the special guy who gives me unconditional love everytime I see him. You're my protector, companion, running partner, racer, fighter but a lover, true down to the blood retriever, duck lover, under the desk dweller, bed sneaking, ball crazed, car trip loving, yellow snow making, hiker, swimmer, snuggler and mediator of the fights...all rolled up into one big reddish ball of fur. Your excitement to go for a run kills me when I opt out for the gym or pool...your eyes tell stories that I know if you could talk would be the greatest adventures I have ever heard. I am learning from you how to love--your love has no limits...unless, of course, you're another 80lb dog...yeah, you're not the most fond of other dogs, but maybe it's because you know they could snap and that there might be a chance that you could lose the ones you love and protect the most. You chose me and my heart chose you back--and that's the way it will be forever. ...and in the meantime, I'll work on that yard for you, because I know if the roles were switched, you'd build me a mansion.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carlsbad Pond Friday

I met up with Kash and Beth over at Carlsbad Pond yesterday - and Beth's friends Amy & James had their golden Newton - for some swimming and fun in the sun!

Bud is absolutely crazy about playing in the water, and makes the most ridiculous splashes.

He's really only concerned with fetching, anytime we go to a park or the ocean -he's downright obsessed. Socializing with other canines is just not in his cards.

When we first arrived there were only the three dogs at the pond, but as people were getting off for the weekend, but of course there were many more on their way; it was such a nice day!

Woo hoo! Kash went swimming for the first time!! He's never been to the pond with Bud, and I think it may have boosted his confidence a little bit to see his big brother jump in without a care in the world!

Kash is also the first dog I have seen pop a squat in the Carlsbad pond--thought my brother would enjoy this!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a walk in the park...

Bud and I took our daily after work walk across the way to the local park.

Normally he's "greeted" by at least 10 little dogs--today there were only a few dogs at the park, but as usual, all Bud cared about was his "flashy yellow ball".

He goes nuts for this ball--for all you golden owners, you have got to get one of these things at Petco. It's a flashing glow in the dark ball, hence the "flashy" nickname, that's lasted us a while. Of course, you can only really see it flash at night or in poorly lit room--flashy turns up everywhere, under the couch, behind the bed, behind the toilet, underneath desks, you get the point. Bud cannot put this thing down, he's crazy about it! And they're only maybe $12 or so-definitely a hit when I take him to the park around sunset.

I ended up turning our fetching session into a Bud's portrait session, so I hope you enjoy the photos!

one happy dog...


Who actually came up with this thing referred to as blogging? I checked the definition of the blog, which led me to true definition, though I've come to find out it's almost like a conversation with yourself--it is a conversation with yourself. I've never been one to keep a journal, but I suppose with the amount of time that I spend on my computer everyday, a journal's not a bad idea. I have a terrible memory, and this can only help me document my daily/weekly/monthly events. I'm pretty excited to get this thing started up, and first saw this "blogger" through Valerie's MyBuBear--I'm nearly obsessed with checking up on friend's photos (dropshots & flickr), facebooks, and personal sites when they update them--so I hope this provides you with a glimpse into my life & outer elements that make up who I am.