Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just a walk in the park...

Bud and I took our daily after work walk across the way to the local park.

Normally he's "greeted" by at least 10 little dogs--today there were only a few dogs at the park, but as usual, all Bud cared about was his "flashy yellow ball".

He goes nuts for this ball--for all you golden owners, you have got to get one of these things at Petco. It's a flashing glow in the dark ball, hence the "flashy" nickname, that's lasted us a while. Of course, you can only really see it flash at night or in poorly lit room--flashy turns up everywhere, under the couch, behind the bed, behind the toilet, underneath desks, you get the point. Bud cannot put this thing down, he's crazy about it! And they're only maybe $12 or so-definitely a hit when I take him to the park around sunset.

I ended up turning our fetching session into a Bud's portrait session, so I hope you enjoy the photos!

one happy dog...

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caboval said...

OMG! We have that ball too! There is another ball at Petco, its red, flashes and makes crazy whistle sounds at the same time. And its rubbery and Joey plays with it by himself for hours! Bud would love it! Gosh he is beautiful! Im listing you on my blog!